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We design and supply customized heat recovery and heat exchanger equipment.

Efficiency Solutions for each Industry.

Air Pollution
 to Energy
Oil & Gas

Years of experience








Worldwide supplier of quality.

Future ready.

Research and development in the design of the heat exchange surfaces, reduction of energy consumption and creation of smart design solutions using reliable production experience.

Customer first.

We optimize thermal design, engineering and manufacturing to custom – tailored solutions. Professional abilities and humans skills come together in tackling our customers' need.

Direct approach.

Our core values are talent, collaboration, flexibility and speed. We have created a stimulating, international,open minded working environment for the benefit of any stakeholder.

Vast experience.

Founded in 1938, vast experience with almost all standards around the world, throughout the decades combined with our new technical ideas and a fast moving organization.

During our 60 years of activity we realized more than 3000 projects all around the world.

Worldwide Supplier of Quality.

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Our products and solutions make an important contribution for an optimised, more efficient and low-emission operation supporting clean energy generation. We supply a wide range of heat exchangers and solutions for your needs of sustainable energy recovery.

Sustainable and energy efficient.

Our customers are mainly EPC Contractors, Engineering Companies, Refineries, Oil&Gas and Petrochemical Companies, Shipowners. Many of them are our traditional customers, which since many decades express the confidence to us. Each year we acquire also new customers from traditional industries, but also from new sectors.

Some of our Clients.

Latest news.

Rizzi Engineering important events, meetings, exhibitions and deliveries.

During our 60 years of activity we realized more than 3000 projects all around the world. In any moment our customers may contact us via e-mail, Teleconferencing and within few days after request, one of our sales engineers is ready to move for visiting our customers worldwide. The technical contacts and the meetings are always made on the level of high technology engineering and never reduced only to cover commercial aspects.

Map of equipments.

We work constantly to innovate our products that provide to our high technologies custom built specific designs to meet growing demands for clean energy and adhere to ever-evolving stringent regulation. 

Technical innovation.

Added to this is the continuous progress in calculation techniques, studies and experimental research, using the best manufacturing characteristics.                  

Know how.

Our patented plate heat exchanger technology minimizes carbon foot print with efficient heat recovery for shrinking the energy costs and the environmental impact and maximize efficiency for minimized energy consumption.

Carbon foot print reducing.

Combustion Air Preheaters

Our RAAG patented type, plate recuperative static type, zero leakage features. Much more compact than tubular type.

Combustion Air Preheaters

Gas Gas Preheaters

Our RAAG patented type, plate recuperative static type, for DENOX Plants.

Gas Gas Preheaters

Waste Heat Recovery Units

Working with steam, water, superheated water, thermal oil, with duty up to 25 MW, downstream DIESELS and GAS TURBINES and INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES.

Waste Heat Recovery Units

Steam Air Preheaters

Our AIREX patented type, provided with high efficiency, finned tube bundles.

Steam Air Preheaters

Exaust Gas Boilers

Our DISEX type for sensible heat recovery from Diesel/Gas Engines, Gas turbines and Thermal processes.

Exaust Gas Boilers


realized with plain tubes , welded steel finned or cast iron finned tubes


Industrial Dryers

Gas/Gas, Air/Gas exchangers, visible efficiency of heat recovery.

Industrial Dryers

Retractable Lance Soot Blowers

Applied in high temperature zones.

Retractable Lance Soot Blowers

Rotary Soot Blowers

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Rotary Soot Blowers

Rake Soot Blowers

Fit for zone cleaning of economizers and air preheaters cleaning zones of economizers and catalyst beds of DENOX, upstream filters.