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RIZZI means Solutions, Experience, Skills & Ideas.

Professional Abilities and Humans Skills come together in tackling our Customers’ Need.

Who we are.

Rizzi Engineering was founded in 1938 and since then is active in design and construction of heat recovery equipment for oil & gas, steel mills, power industry, chemical, petrochemical, marine, glass, cement, air pollution control and waste to energy industries.

Core values.

  • The things we know to be true:

  • Professional & Competent.

  • Lean & Fast- moving.

  • Honest & Correct.

  • Accountable.

  • Respectful in working.

  • Inclusive Teamworkers.

  • Help customer to be successful.

  • Help sustainability.

  • Develop the best. 

  • Customer helps us to be more efficient.

  • Deliver Results.

  • Earn Trust.

  • Provide the customer's need.

  • Challenge for growing.


Rizzi Engineering is an Italian company, that operates in the design and supply of customized heat recovery systems:

  • Air Preheaters (APH)

  • Soot Blowers

  • Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU, Economizers)

Rizzi  Eng was founded in 1938 by Eng. Italo Rizzi Senior. Today we are the  third generation of the Rizzi family present in the company with Eng.  Italo Rizzi junior, that is the Sales manager.

Rizzi Engineering products are widely used in the oil&gas, energy, chemical, petrochemical and marine industries.

Starting  from the last quarter of 2019, the Company has been focusing for new  markets to offer the solutions for the new sectors as cement, glass  and biomass industries. Since  September 2019, Rizzi has been managed by the Engineer Maria Carena  Rizzi as Managing Director. 

The company has 21 employees (11 office  workers  + 10 workers) but also uses the external consultants for the Finance,  Business planning, and Job Planning-Operation aspects.

Rizzi Engineering has also worked closely with universities and industry authorities.

Rizzi Engineering is entirely controlled by the company Rizzi Power Srl (100%).

Quality And certifications.

This commitment is also reflected in the certifications obtained such as:

ISO 14001:2015


A guarantee of a business model based on sustainability and reduction of environmental impact of products and the entire production process, to provide customers with a service that meets current environmental standards.

View Certificate

ISO 9001:2015


Which aims to improve the energy performance of the company, such as the reduction of energy consumption and related costs; reduction of CO2 emissions and improvement of energy  performance of the company.

View Certificate



Achilles Certification for Joint Qualification System for the oil industry in Norway and Denmark.

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Products & Solutions

Efficiency solutions for each industry. ​We design and supply customized heat recovery and heat exchanger equipment.

Applications Fields

Efficiency solutions for each industry. ​We design and supply customized heat recovery and heat exchanger equipment.


To reinforce the sustainability with innovative projects.

A vision statement focused on tomorrow and what an organization wants to ultimately become.


Save energy, save environment to be more efficient.

A mission statement focused on today and what an organization does to achieve it.

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